3Jane is a crypto-native derivatives protocol leveraging restaking and cash-and-carry to unlock a novel derivatives yield source. 3Jane enables the collateralization of shared security of any Proof-of-Stake system in financial derivatives contracts, allowing users to generate real ETH / BTC yield on EigenLayer and Babylon.

Users can wrap natively restaked ETH, restaked LST's, eETH, ezETH, sUSDe, and sDAI on 3Jane & earn additional options premiums yield. Under the hood, 3Jane vaults sell deep Out-of-the-Money options & accrue premiums to wrapped deposits.

3Jane revolutionizes the way Ethereum is utilized by collateralizing the cryptoeconomic security of any PoS system in derivatives contracts, allowing users to generate options yield whilst contributing to the overarching security and robustness of the crypto economy.

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