Is this a risk-free vault?

NO. Users may lose some of their wrapped ETH if the ETH price goes past the strike price. Please read the risks section for more.

Do I get to keep staking + restaking yield + EigenLayer pts + EtherFi pts?

Yes, you do - rewards are propagated to all depositors.

What do I earn yield in?

weETH + AMPLOL. Market makers pay options premiums in wrapped eETH and users earn more AMPLOL as tvl grows.

What kind of Options are traded?

Read Vaults section.

Is there counterparty risk with the market makers?

No - all swaps are performed atomically.

What is Amplol?

Read Amplol section.

Can I withdraw anytime?

There is a 7 day cooldown period from initiating a withdraw to completing it. However if the option is rolled over early this may take less than 7 days.

Wen Token?


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