There are two types of withdrawals: instant and standard.

Instant Withdraw

All funds that were deposited in the current cycle may be withdrawn instantly as they are idle and have not been used to collateralize options contracts (one tx).

Standard Withdraw

All funds that were deposited in previous cycles must follow the two-step standard withdraw flow as they are used to collateralize options contracts. The two-step flow is in place to first notify the vault to not collateralize the next cycle's options with your funds, followed by another tx to actually withdraw the funds to your wallet.

  1. Initiate Withdraw: initiate the withdrawal and indicate how much you wish to withdraw (one tx).

  2. Complete Withdraw: withdraw the funds to your wallet (one tx).

Notice: Standard Withdraw process may take ~7 days from withdraw inititiation to completion.

NOTE: for now, ALL AMPLOL will be burned from any withdrawal

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